Plus-tôt Te laat

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Stencils and publicaties / Rosi


PTTL on location


Werkplaats stad / Ateliers urbains




Video and sound


No one is illegal


2009 - 2012

Residency @ Pianofabriek


1998 - 2002

Artist refused by the animal protection fund


1998 - 2006

PTTL-Archives: interventions at the unemployement office of St-Joost-ten Noode 1210 Brussels/Belgie






Opening statement


There are still too many cows in the meadow being painted, only now you cannot recognise them so easily because they are postmodern,... thus abstract. There is nothing to see except the social decipherment of language and forms.

Put oil paint in the hinges. Be your own daily producers and fire question marks at all the institutions that try to control our lives. Collectively or individually.

PTTL started up a base in the unemployment office at Sint-Joost in 1998. It was a place for interventions by temporary and strategic workgroups. By 2006 all dole offices of Belgium closed down. They have been replaced by a more individual form of controlling the unemployed. Todays PTTL - activities are closely connected to social en urban thematics. (read more)