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2009 - 2012

Residency @ Pianofabriek


1998 - 2002

Artist refused by the animal protection fund


1998 - 2006

PTTL-Archives: interventions at the unemployement office of St-Joost-ten Noode 1210 Brussels/Belgie






The National Artists Platform was officially established in autumn 1998 after numerous informal contacts between a variety of artists’ associations.


It grouped together about 25 Belgian artists’ associations from every possible discipline and from the three language communities. The platform suceeded to act as a privileged discussion partner in problem situations ‘on the ground’ and in the political debate about acces to social security for artists. Reforms in this domain came trough in 2002.



The art of being unemployed: soft focus guaranteed

The nine principles of the National Artists Platform

Can the state act as a model ?

De zaak Fontenau

Communiqué de Presse PTTL


Que fait PTTL dans la plate-forme des artistes?


A mind rich in events

Artist refused by the animal protection fund

Du meurtre considéré comme un des beaux-arts

Combien de chömeurs- amateurs d'art distinguez-vous sur cette image?

To be on dole is bad for your health



ONEM pas chômer